La Dolce Vita

Turkish companies have long discovered the best way to organise a corporate party or an event, which is of course to invite a famous artist. A lot of artists would happily accept the invitation (based on the rider conditions). This is the easiest way to turn your ordinary party into an unforgettable event. On the 23rd of July one of the biggest Turkish tourism companies invited an Italian band called La Dolce Vita. The company was celebrating their founder’s 50th birthday and decided to book La Dolce Vita to perform at their event. They were considering several other music bands, but finalised their decision on La Dolce Vita. Fun and lively music performed by La Dolce Vita is always loved by the audience, regardless of their age or gender. The performance of La Dolce Vita added the finishing touch, that “cherry on top” to the event, even though A-Studio band and Vladimir Kuzmin set the standards very high from the beginning. La Dolce Vita band is the best addition to any corporate event or a party, because they really have that secret ingredient that makes you get up and dance the night away. La Dolce Vita show lasts 120 mins, during this time the band performs the best hits selected by the client. BnMusic, the official concert manager of the band, guarantee to take care of all the details, so that you can simply enjoy your time and don’t worry about anything. After the show the guests always have an opportunity to socialise with the band, take some pictures and get authographs.

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