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La Dolce Hits Italy band is one of the most popular and wanted bands at any wedding, birthday party or any other event, where the guests really appreciate quality sound and a phenomenal live performance of their favourite songs once heard at the San Remo festival.

Do you want to make your event unforgettable, feel the charming Italian atmosphere, hear the legendary songs performed live? La Dolce Hits Italy band guarantee a fantastic show, a really good mood and unforgettable memories for you and your guests. These fantastic musicians were seen performing with AlBano, Ricchi e Poveri, In-Grid, Riccardo Fogli and Umberto Tozzi. But not only did the band work with other artists, they were also spending a lot of time performing world famous hits by adding their own element to them.

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About La Dolce

The lead singer of the band Marcello Ma, the drummer Paolo Bianchi, the guitarist Mario Manduci and the saxophonist Pierro Billeri will create an authentic Italian atmosphere at your party. Whether you prefer romantic and relaxing music or like to dance all night long.

Nowadays the band are performing 32 modern and dance hits, each and every one of which has been personalised by the band, which makes the show truly unique. No wonder the audience love La Dolce Hits Italy – they are so authentic!

An Italian cover band La Dolce Vita is ideal for any event: a wedding, a jubilee, a city festival, a corporate party or a New Year’s celebration. You can form your own playlist based on the hits listed in the music section. You can select the songs for your party – all your wishes will be taken into consideration. Do not miss your unique opportunity to have this fantastic cover band performing at your event.


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La Dolce Hits Italy

La Dolce Hits Italy

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How can one book La Dolce Hits Italy band?

Book a true authentic Italian band today! To make a reservation you need to simply calls us, send us an e-mail or fill out the request form online. These truly phenomenal Italian band is something you will remember forever.

The cost of a performance of La Dolce Hits Italy, as a rule, depends on the duration of the programme selected and the number of artists travelling. The total fee will be based around the artist’s fee, plus additional travel and accommodation expenses and technical rider requests, which you can find in the “artist’s rider” section on their page. Book your date right now.

La Dolce Hits Italy – a sweet life.